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Note to Readers

Hilail Gildin, editor in chief of Interpretation and professor of philosophy at Queens College, New York, died on March 3, 2015, after a series of illnesses. He will be sorely missed. Dr. Gildin founded Interpretation in 1970 and oversaw the editing and publishing of the journal's 41 volumes and 122 issues. Under his guidance the journal has published many outstanding articles in political philosophy and political thought, and he wished that it continue to do so. The current double issue contains the articles and reviews that Dr. Gildin had sent out for review and that he and the editors had approved for publication in 2014.

Interpretation will continue to be published in three issues per year. In honor and memory of Dr. Gildin, memorial addresses and reviews of his scholarship on Rousseau will appear in issue 43, no. 1 (Sept. 2016). The journal invites and welcomes submissions for that celebratory purpose.

Volume 41, Issue 2 - Fall 2014
Volume 41, Issue 3 - Spring 2015

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Fall 2014

The Unbridled Tongue: Plato, Parrhesia, and Philosophy
by Sophie Bourgault
Fulfillment in As You Like It
by Richard Burrow
Strauss’s Machiavelli and Dostoyevsky’s Grand Inquisitor
by Alexandru Racu
Leo Strauss and the Crisis of Rationalism: Another Reason, Another Enlightenment by Corine Pelluchon
reviewed by Steven H. Frankel
Political Philosophy Cross-Examined: Perennial Challenges to the Philosophic Life by Thomas L. Pangle and J. Harvey Lomax
reviewed by Michael Harding
Locke, Science, and Politics by Steven Forde
reviewed by Will Morrisey

Spring 2015

Happy City, Happy Citizens? The Common Good and the Private Good in Plato’s Republic
by Jonathan Culp
The Problematic Power of Musical Instruments in the Bible
by Aryeh Tepper
Ancients and Moderns under the Empire of Circe: Machiavelli’s The Ass,
Translation and Commentary by Julien Carriere & Steven Berg
Liberal Education Imperiled: Toward a Resurrection of Reason and Revelation in Higher Education
by Erik S. Root
Leo Strauss on Moses Mendelssohn, translated and edited by Martin D. Yaffe
reviewed by Fred Baumann
On the God of the Christians (and on one or two others) by Rémi Brague
reviewed by Gregory A. McBrayer
Shakespeare’s Political Wisdom by Timothy W. Burns
reviewed by Rafael Major