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Volume 40, Issue 2 - Fall 2013

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In This Issue:

Socratic Testing: Protagoras 310a314b
by John S. Treantafelles
The Book of Religion’s Political and Pedagogical Objectives
by Waseem El-Rayes
Unmasking Limbo: Reading Inferno IV as Key to Dante’s Comedy
by Marco Andreacchio
Freedom in Shakespeare’s English History Plays
by Chris Barker
The Pleasure of Philosophizing and Its Moral Foundation
by James Carey
Hermeneutics and Political Theory
by Jürgen Gebhardt
The Major Political Writings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau translated and edited by John T. Scott
reviewed by Gregory A. McBrayer
Reason, Tradition, and the Good: MacIntyre’s Tradition-Constituted Reason and Frankfurt School Critical Theory by Jeffery L. Nicholas
reviewed by James Fetter